How to choose a bed for the bedroom?

A bed is a piece of furniture that is used for sleeping and resting. The bed consists of a frame, mattress and base.

The frame (without the mattress) is the base of the bed, which determines its stability, reliability and durability.

The frame is found in two versions:

2 backrests connected by tsars (panels) – a more reliable design that can withstand serious and prolonged loads, such as children’s games.
4 legs and 1-2 backrests connected by tsargami – this option looks more attractive.
Mattress base – installed on the frame and serves as a support for the mattress, ensuring the comfort of sleep.

Important: the frame and mattress base can be purchased separately – it makes sense if the buyer wants to create his own bed taking into account individual preferences.

Cabinet-bed (transformer) – thanks to a special lifting mechanism when unfolded turns from a closet into a bed. This model allows the competent use of space and is ideal for small rooms.

According to the type of folding there are two types of closet beds.

Horizontal (cross-folding) – the bed rises in width and is usually designed for one bed (well suited for children). When folded, the horizontal bed turns into a shelf for pictures or books.
Vertical (longitudinal-folding) – the bed rises in height and is usually designed for two people. When folded, the vertical bed turns into a tall closet, often with a mirror on the outside.
You can also meet such a type of bed-transformer, as a table-bed, which provides not only a full rest, but also a workplace.

Important: a cabinet-bed is a complex product and its installation requires special knowledge and skills. It is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Bunk bed – consists of two “floors” that are under each other. Such a bed saves space in the room and is great for children.

There are several types of bunk models:

regular – a classic version, designed for two people;
Loft bed – the first “floor” of such a model has a desk with drawers and a closet, and the second – a bed. This option significantly saves space, but has its own disadvantages, such as the lack of natural light when working at the table (the second tier hinders the penetration of light).
Bed-table – the first “floor” consists of two levels: a tabletop and a bed. When reclining the first tier the desk goes down and the bed takes its place. This model provides two children with a full-fledged workplace.

  • Bed-sofa – when unfolded, the seat of the sofa rises, forming the second “floor” of the bed, and then the base with a mattress rises from below – the first tier. This bed is good for receiving guests.
  • Bed-sports corner – has one or two beds, and is also equipped with sports equipment: trapeze, rings, horizontal bar, rope, rope ladder, etc. This model allows you to turn a child’s room into a gym.
  • Folding (clamshell) – when folded takes up minimal space, and in the unfolded form provides a fairly comfortable rest. The base under the mattress in a folding bed is in the form of a frame with slats or cloth, metal mesh, furniture springs. Such a bed can be single, double or even double.
  • Lightweight, compact and cheap folding model with fabric is ideal for trips to the countryside. For a comfortable rest or hosting guests it is worth buying a bed with slats.

A model with a removable mattress is easier to care for, and a bed with a fixed mattress is more convenient to use.

Important: in order to choose the right folding bed, you need to consider several factors:

reliability of the frame – determined by the diameter of the tubes and the thickness of the metal;
resistance to corrosion of the metal construction – for this purpose, the metal parts are painted by powder baking method;
ease of folding and unfolding.
Podium bed (bed-platform) – differs from other models in that it consists of a mattress and a fixed frame – podium or platform. In addition to sleeping space, such a bed serves as a closet thanks to the built-in drawers and looks very effective.

The disadvantages of such a model are the complexity of installation, the inability to move the bed, large size and high price. Because of the low height the podium bed is not suitable for elderly people.

Important: Choosing a bed podium, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • frame material – chipboard, wooden beam, plywood, metal;
  • the frame must be equipped with logs under the mattress with a certain width and pitch – this is necessary for the orthopedic effect of the bed;
  • the presence or absence of headrests, armrests and backrests

  • It is better to buy a quality bed of famous brands than a cheaper option, questionable in terms of quality and safety.
  • It is known that many back diseases occur because of an uncomfortable bed. Before buying a bed, it is worth checking the reliability of fasteners, the quality of the frame coating (laminate or veneer), make sure that the bed frame is impregnated with antifungal composition.
  • The bed should have an assembly instruction. To assess the strength and comfort of the bed, you need to lie down on it. If the model creaks and cracks, it is better to refuse to buy it. The same applies when the bed feels uncomfortable.
  • When choosing a bed, it is worth considering that models made of most materials, with the exception of natural wood, are painted in a variety of colors. Solid wood furniture most often have one – “body” color.
  • For families with small children, beds with a soft headboard and special bumpers are well suited – this will reduce the risk of injury and help the child to get on/get on the bed. In addition, the board can partially replace the bedside table (to put a cup, alarm clock or notepad). Beds with removable covers allow it to be easily washed or replaced. It is good if the bed has no sharp corners, which will protect against accidental injury.
  • This detail is especially important if the family has small children.
  • Tips It is better to buy a quality bed of famous brands than a cheaper option, questionable in terms of quality and safety. It is known that many back diseases occur because of an uncomfortable bed.

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