What is the difference between mattresses?

Throughout life, a person spends one third of the day every day sleeping. Such a long period of time is extremely necessary for the body to be able to fully rest and get a new charge of vigor and energy for the coming day. Therefore it is extremely important that the body does not experience any discomfort while sleeping. Sleep should be healthy, calm and deep.

Today, manufacturers offer a huge number of different variants of bedroom products. They differ in the following parameters:

  • price;
  • size;
  • limitation of body weight;
  • stiffness;
  • type of mechanism;
  • number and type of fillers;
  • additional properties.

The cost of mattresses varies significantly, depending on the size, quality of materials used, their quantity and other technical characteristics. There are a total of 4 price categories. As an example for the economy category, you can find the Erudite mattress in the Expert collection. Medium Hard (Sleep Style collection) is considered to be a striking example of the mattress of medium price. Medium Plus is the mattress Astoria Sanders of Serta collection. The worthy representative of mattresses of a premium class is Heaven Luxury of Greather & Wells collection.

Rectangular bed mattresses for the adult category come in a huge variety of sizes. The choice depends on whether 1 or 2 people will sleep on it, the anatomical features of the user and the size of the room in which the bed is located. Round mattresses with a diameter of 200 or 210 cm are also available. The height can be up to 45 cm. Those who do not have the opportunity to place a bed in their apartment should pay attention to sofa mattresses, which will help to improve the orthopedic properties of the sleeping space and sleep comfort.

Hard or soft

The choice of appropriate firmness of a mattress for sleeping directly depends on personal preferences, physiological characteristics, as well as the health and age of the buyer. There are the following degrees of firmness:

  • low;
  • below average;
  • medium;
  • above average;
  • high.

According to the accepted classification all orthopedic mattresses are divided into two types: spring mattresses with a dependent or independent block and non-spring. Each has individual features and advantages. On what to stop the final choice, it is up to you to decide:

The spring one is made with strong high quality wire of different diameters, treated with anti-corrosion treatment and hardening. Models of such blocks differ in the technology used to place the elements and their number. Better support of the body is provided by the presence of more springs.
Bonnell” unit of dependent springs consists of five coil elements. Each is rigidly connected to the neighboring ones, and when the load on one of them is immediately compressed and the others. This type of blocks is used in the mattress Spectra.

Independent spring blocks are distinguished by the fact that each element is located in an individual cover in a compressed state.
In the innovative Hourglass spring blocks (hourglass) the effect of three zones is used. The function of each spring consists of several stages, from softness at the beginning, to support and firmness. In this way the different zones of the spine are supported in a more flexible and functional way. This type of spring block is the basis of Experience mattress of Expert collection.

The Pocket Spring block uses barrel-shaped springs made of high-quality steel wire, which greatly increases the strength and sensitivity to incoming loads. Because of its technological features, this unit adjusts quite easily to the shape and weight of any person. Ideal for couples with a noticeable difference in weight. An example of such a product is the Ambassador mattress.

Springless, as the name suggests, has no spring blocks at its core. Instead, a variety of fillers made of natural or artificial materials are used. Many users prefer to choose this type of mattress because of its reliability, noiselessness, comfort and the possibility of easier transportation.
Types of fillings
How to choose an orthopedic mattress correctly, taking into account the quality characteristics of its fillers? Today the following materials are most popular with manufacturers: coconut coir, orthopedic foam, Memory foam, latex, natural felt and sisal, creating the necessary orthopedic and anatomical effect.

How to choose a mattress?
The natural coconut coir is considered one of the best fillers for modern mattresses. It is distinguished by its strength, stiffness and sufficient elasticity. Hypoallergenic material does not rot, does not cause allergies, and is good air permeable. Does not deform after long years of use.

Orthopedic foam has elastic, porous structure, due to which it has improved air permeability. This material reacts dynamically to the load and is able to restore its shape quickly after deformation, providing a higher level of comfort of the bed.

Memory memory foam is an innovative artificial material with unique properties. It is able to adjust itself to the peculiarities of each body to a maximum extent. It is elastic, resistant to pressure, protects the product from dust mites and pathogenic bacteria, lets air in, regulates the temperature of the bed.

Latex is a light, porous, environmentally safe material, which is often used in mattresses. It is air permeable, thermo-regulated, hypoallergenic, does not emit unpleasant odors and does not absorb them. Distributes pressure evenly, promoting proper blood circulation and complete relaxation.

Sturdy, wear-resistant felt of medium hardness is laid to avoid rubbing of soft fillers against the spring block. Significantly prolongs the life of the mattress and strengthens its structure.

Sisal is a natural tough mattress filler, softer and more elastic than coconut coir. It is valued for its elasticity, durability and excellent elasticity. It is well ventilated, does not retain moisture. Sisal well absorbs sound, making the mattress especially quiet. Its fibers do not absorb moisture, are antistatic, so they do not attract dust particles.

So, today we told you in detail about how to choose the right mattress. Guided by these recommendations, any user can easily pick up for themselves and their loved ones the perfect orthopedic mattress that meets the modern high quality and safety requirements for products for sleep and rest.

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