Which mattress is better – a spring or a no-spring?

Mattresses with springs

Spring mattresses are chosen by up to 80% of buyers. In many ways this is a tribute to tradition, as the mattress in the popular perception is firmly associated with a spring structure, widely used in upholstered furniture since the early 20th century.

Bonnell springs

The most well-known are Bonnell springs – open springs assembled into a block using a frame construction (that’s why they are often called “dependent”). They are considered outdated because of the low point elasticity and operating costs (yes, jokes about a squeaky mattress appeared precisely because of these springs). Well-known mattress manufacturers consistently reduce the use of these blocks, using them only in budget models and as an auxiliary block in boxsprings and double-block mattresses.

Mattresses without springs

The development of technology and materials in the second half of the 20th century created a quality alternative to spring mattresses – springless mattresses. The most effective substitute for independent springs are latex monoliths made from the foamed sap of the rubber tree. Latex has inimitable elasticity and provides excellent support, and additional point elasticity is achieved through a special mechanical treatment of the monoliths – the creation of holes and notches, which divides the solid surface into sections – “virtual springs”.

The result of comparing a mattress with and without springs
Considering the properties of each type of mattress, let’s summarize:

  • Spring mattresses are suitable for adherents of traditional technology and will provide any maximum load. Thanks to fully independent springs, only these mattresses can be called truly orthopedic.
  • Mattresses based on latex monoliths will appeal to the innovators who get a special soft elasticity and a feeling of coolness in the bed.
  • Mattresses based on synthetic foams are suitable for the buyers who prefer no-spring solutions with an optimal price to quality ratio.


Fillings can be natural or artificial.

Natural ones are more expensive, but at the same time more durable. Traditionally, they have a lot of fans among customers because of their natural origin and a high degree of comfort.

Many people treat artificial fillings with prejudice, but do not underestimate them. Firstly, they allow you to make high-quality and at the same time budget models of mattresses, which are in demand and get good feedback from buyers. In addition, artificial fillers are hypoallergenic and have excellent bactericidal properties. And modern technology is at such a high level that makes it possible to create artificial materials with unique characteristics, such as, for example, the effect of “memory. Thanks to this effect, the mattress perfectly adapts to the shape of the body and gives the sensation of sleeping as if on a cloud.

Natural fillings
Latex coconut coir is a filling made of coconut fibers impregnated with natural latex. Characterized by stiffness, elasticity and durability. Coconut mattresses have a high degree of anatomicity.

Horsehair is an environmentally friendly material which is a purified and compressed hair of special horse breeds. This material is hard, hard-wearing and resilient. It is similar in its properties to coconut coir, but more elastic. All over the world the horsehair is popular for manufacturing elite mattresses.

Latex is a filling based on the sap of the rubber tree. It is a soft and pleasant to the touch foam. It is durable, can withstand high pressure and quickly restore its shape. Latex mattresses are soft, elastic and very comfortable.

Artificial fillers
Ormafoam is an environmentally friendly hypoallergenic material. Its porous structure allows air to circulate freely inside the product, maintaining optimal moisture levels. The material is quite hard, but comfortable. Mattresses with Ormafoam filler.

Memorix is a material with unique properties and the effect of “memory”. It reacts very sensitively to pressure and heat, adjusts to the shape of your body with maximum accuracy, and does not exert back pressure. This material is more expensive than others, but the pillows and mattresses based on it will give you incomparable comfort. Mattresses with memory effect.

Hollcon is a voluminous nonwoven material produced by a unique technology. It is hypoallergenic, odorless, holds and restores its shape much faster and more effectively than other fillers.

Cover and mattress cover
Covers may be removable and fixed. The technique of making non-removable covers ensures the tightest fit of the fabric, so that the cover does not fidget or twist. Contrary to expectations, removable covers cannot be washed at home and are very hard to take off and put back on by yourself.

Our online store offers a good alternative to the removable covers – a mattress cover. It serves as an excellent addition to any mattress. Some mattress covers serve purely hygienic purposes and protect the mattress from dirt; they can be easily washed at home in the washing machine. But there are also mattress pads with a thin layer of some kind of filler, which can correct the stiffness of the bed, if you are not satisfied with the existing one

Bed and mattress base
As a rule, the mattress base is made of the frame and resilient cross-section wooden slats 8-12 mm thick – lamellae. Slats have a spring effect and work as one system together with the mattress. This makes the mattress have less stiffness than when, for example, if the mattress is put on the flat surface. In addition, if the mattress is placed on the base without slats (plywood), it will not “breathe”. The qualitative base ensures normal air circulation, prolongs the service life of the mattress and helps to relieve the spine more effectively.

Our assortment includes beds of different models, styles, materials and colors. You should pay attention first of all to appearance. The best design and functionality will be the solution that best suits your bedroom. Some models are equipped with a built-in base, and for others there is a choice.

Recently, beds with a lift mechanism have been gaining popularity. Use such a bed base if you want extra storage space in your bedroom. If there is no such need, you can safely stop at the option with an ordinary base. It will be on legs or without them – depends on the design of the bed.

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