How to choose a budget mattress

A good mattress is not an inexpensive purchase, but its quality determines not only the comfort of rest, but also health. The “right” mattress can be a reliable help in getting rid of insomnia, muscle and spine pain, and allergic diseases. Providing yourself a comfortable and healthy sleep, it is easier to cope with a sense of constant fatigue and irritability.

Before you start looking for a mattress in the store, you need to know how to choose it correctly. And this is not as easy as it may seem at first glance – you should consider not only your personal preferences and the size of the bed, but also many other factors.

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What mattresses there are

In any furniture store you will be offered dozens of mattresses for every taste and wallet. How to choose a mattress so that it really helps the body to rest for many years?

Classification of mattresses by the type of construction

The quality of the mattress largely depends on its “stuffing”. Most often springs are hidden under the upholstery, but they also vary. And some models do not contain springs, their elasticity is provided by other materials.

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