What type of bed mattress is best for scoliosis

Unfortunately, back pain affects people of all ages, and without proper treatment and timely preventive measures, it can have devastating consequences.
As a rule, a sedentary lifestyle and a frantic rhythm that deprives us of time and desire to take care of our own health lead to the fact that back pain progresses, leading to diseases that are difficult to cure, so it is very important to choose a mattress responsibly, on which we spend the whole night, recuperating our strength.

What type of bed mattress is best for scoliosis children?

For children with scaliosis, the best mattresses would be those that have been developed by doctors who have conducted numerous studies.

Choosing a mattress for scoliosis

Before choosing a mattress and bed, we recommend that you pay attention to these details

The hardness of the mattress:

For the prevention and treatment of scoliosis it is recommended to buy orthopedic mattresses that are firm or medium firm.
In the case of the disease itself one can pay attention to both springless and spring mattresses (on the independent spring block) based on latex or viscoelastic foam, in which layers of hard latex coir alternate with soft fillers. This will provide the necessary level of rigidity for the spine, softened by the soft fillers, which is very important for scoliosis.

mattress type:
Spring mattresses: A must-have mattress on a block of independent springs, preferably with a 7-zone block of independent springs. With a combination of coconut coir and soft filler.
Springless mattresses: An excellent choice would be mattresses based on a combination of highly elastic and viscoelastic foams.

Choosing a mattress for sciatica (sciatica).

Radiculitis is a disease associated with impingement or inflammation of the sciatic nerve at the level of the lumbosacral spine. Many people have heard about the excruciating pain of this pathology, despite the fact that this disease affects mostly people of mature and elderly age. Doctors believe that the development of sciatica is directly related to the choice of the wrong mattress (too soft or too hard), uncomfortable high pillow and roughness on the sleeping surface.

the firmness of the mattress:
For sciatica you should pay attention to orthopedic mattresses of medium hardness and orthopedic pillows of low height. It is important that the mattress should perfectly follow the contours of the body and provide point adjustment to the curves of the back and neck.

type of mattress:
Spring mattresses: Mattresses based on a block of independent springs, combined with coconut coir and soft filler. An excellent option would be to choose a mattress with a 7-zone block of independent springs and memory foam, or natural latex.
Non-spring mattresses: Mattresses based on a monolith of natural latex or foam. These materials are able to relieve stress on the soft tissues, to relax all muscle groups as much as possible, and to reduce painful vice.

Choosing a mattress for osteochondrosis.

In 90% of cases, back pain is caused by osteochondrosis. This disease occurs very often not only in the elderly, but also in young people, both physically weak and in athletes. That is why the choice of a mattress for osteochondrosis should be approached carefully, taking into account the individual physiological characteristics of the body structure.
The people of medium age should choose a mattress of medium hardness, while the elderly people should choose a softer mattress. However it is important to remember that mattresses too hard or too soft are contraindicated for osteochondrosis, it is necessary to find the optimum balance. Doctors also recommend looking at mattress models in which layers of elastic and stiff latex coconut coir alternate with soft latex or high-quality polyurethane foam.

Choosing a mattress for osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis).

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative-dystrophic joint disease, the cause of which is usually damage to the cartilage of the articular surfaces.
In the presence of this disease, it is recommended to sleep on your side, in the fetal position. This position of the body opens the joints of the spine, which in turn reduces the pressure on the affected areas of arthritis.
Soft mattresses are strictly contraindicated for people with this disease. The ideal mattress for a person with osteoarthritis would be a product based on coconut coir, the hardness of which will be softened by the softness of the viscoelastic foam with the memory effect Memorix.
A mattress with such stuffing will promote the complete relaxation of all muscle groups, relieve the tension of blood vessels and damaged areas, and reduce pain.
Important! The choice of orthopedic mattress should be done responsibly and with due care, but by deciding to buy a mattress in the presence of any serious illness, you take even more responsibility. That is why before buying an orthopedic mattress we advise you to consult your doctor.

Why is it important to choose the right mattress and pillow?

A man spends a third of his life sleeping, and the quality of this rest determines his well-being, performance and mood for the next day. It is scientifically proven that a properly chosen bed has a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems. Scientists have found that unhealthy and incomplete sleep causes the consumption of improper food. Thus, it was found that people who suffer from insomnia, consume more protein, cholesterol and unsaturated fats.
Insomnia provokes depression not only in adults and young people, but also in children. Insomnia affects children in the most pernicious way – the likelihood of attention deficit syndrome increases, as well as the development of hyperactivity. People suffering from diabetes, due to insufficient sleep, risk aggravating their disease, and people who sleep less than five hours a night have a 40% higher chance of a heart attack.
This is why doctors advise you to choose your sleeping place responsibly by choosing the right orthopedic mattress, as well as buying a good quality orthopedic pillow.
This investment will allow you to preserve your health, provide yourself with quality sleep, as well as good mood and high productivity!

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